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Bedankt voor je interesse in onze Infosecurity sessies 2021

Op 1 april 2021 hadden we de kans om onze security experten hun verhaal te laten doen op Infosecurity. Dit mondde uit in twee inspirerende sessies met de nodige takeaways om zelf aan de slag te gaan met je security beleid. Beide sessies zijn in het Engels ingesproken en ondertiteld in het Nederlands.

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How to work securely from home with Microsoft Teams and external users?

Jurgen Van Eynde, Microsoft Security Lead bij Wortell België (voorheen Synergics)

Since lockdown 1, everyone jumped to different online tools to make sure they could ensure their company's business continuity, internally and externally. Security however, was not always the first thing on anyone's mind in the heat of that moment. During this slot, we do would like to point your attention to some important security matters related to Microsoft Teams. How do you make sure, working with external people, your private company data is safe? The right/restricted accesses are given, your data is correctly classified and you've used the right sensitivity labelling? Find out during this hands-on session!

Covid-19: How the Dutch government failed to keep personal data safe

Jasper Bernaers, CTO bij Wortell België (voorheen Synergics) & Maarten Goet, Director Cybersecurity bij Wortell Nederland

Recently it became clear that the Dutch GGD, responsible for testing and vaccinating, had a major data breach - thousands of personal data were traded on the dark web. But the security risks do not only apply on the government. Now most employees work from home, it often goes wrong with the security at organizations. How do you keep citizens' data safe? What is needed to work from home safely? How could data be stolen from the GGD in such a massive amount? And what measures are necessary to be able to work safely at home? Jasper and Maarten share their experiences and give you practical tips.