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Wortell acquires Synergics and expands their operations to Belgium


Dutch-based Wortell has bought Belgian company Synergics. As a result, Wortell‘s operations are expanding to Belgium. Jointly, these two companies are the largest Managed Service Provider with a 100% focus on the Microsoft platform in the Benelux region - a market in which both parties enjoy individual success. Synergics (Wortell Belgium) can now deliver Wortell’s range of Microsoft outsourcing services to their Belgian clients.

This merger integrating Wortell and Synergics offers plenty of opportunities. Over the past years, Wortell has developed a large number of standard services for implementing and managing Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, Wortell has created a service called Managed Detection and Response (MDR) based on Azure, Sentinel and Microsoft Defender 365 to give round-the-clock protection against cyber threats. These cloud services are now available for the Belgian market too.

Jochen Maertens, Synergics’ CEO, explains:

The degree of quality and the maturity of Wortell’s products are unparalleled on the Belgian market so this means fantastic opportunities for accelerated transformation for our clients.

‘We are an innovative, global service provider and distributor of specialist chemicals and food ingredients, so we use Wortell’s 24/7 MDR security services. Wortell is actually one of the very few first-class MDR service providers with the ability to reduce complexity for any company, whatever their size,’ Pepijn Karsmakers, Azelis’ CIO adds. 

‘I am especially proud that Synergics wants to be a part of Wortell,’ Wortell’s General Manager, Danny Burlage says:

Synergics resembles Wortell in a lot of ways, both in the services they supply to the Belgian market and in their company culture. We both aspire to empower people with the aid of technology. In fact, our mission is “We empower people".

Wortell can learn a lot from Synergics too. For instance, Synergics really focuses on their clients, and Synergics has designed all sorts of measuring tools to drive adoption. ‘Wortell has this same focus and can accordingly empower even more people,’ Luc Joziasse, Wortell‘s COO explains.

The merger of these two entities has produced a company with 450 employees with branches in Brussels, Ghent, Gouda, Lijnden, Huizen and Amsterdam. Jochen Maertens, Synergics’ CEO, is to have a seat on the Wortell Group’s management board while remaining head of the Belgian side of the operations.

‘We are delighted that Wortell and Synergics have joined forces. They are both making huge advances in cloud competencies and innovative offerings, particularly with respect to security and adoption & change management. Our clients in Belgium and far beyond our borders will soon be profiting from this merger.’ Erik Kerkhofs, Director of Commercial Partner Microsoft Belgium.

About Synergics

Synergics, Belgian Cloud Change Agent and Innovator, was founded in 2006. Today, they can rely on a staff of more than 75 employees to respond to challenges faced by their clients, both in the public sector and in the commercial industries and services, basing their solutions on a pioneering cloud vision. Synergics, as a Rising Star and Golden Competence Microsoft Belgium partner, teaches organisations how to work more productively and flexibly and how to implement innovations faster, though always with security as the main priority! Thanks to Synergics’ SPRINT methodology, every project is tailored to the needs of the client.

About Wortell

Based in Lijnden (near Amsterdam), Wortell was founded in 1997 and is now the number one Microsoft specialist in the Netherlands. Wortell employs a staff of 450. They not only design projects, they also deliver a standardised Microsoft 365 workstation (Work) with Azure back-end (Cloud). Wortell also has a 24/7 Security Managed Detection & Response department as well as a Data & AI service. 


For more information:

Contact at Wortell: Danny Burlage. CEO, 
Contact at Synergics (Wortell Belgium): Jochen Maertens. CEO,