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Exam prep Terraform Associate (Hashicorp 003)

1 dag


In the Terraform Associate (Hashicorp 003) exam training, we guide you into the world of Terraform. In two days, we highlight the crucial aspects of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, a popular tool for managing (cloud) infrastructure with code. Step by step, we cover the basics of IaC, declarative configuration, module organization, and the implementation of Terraform for cloud infrastructure on, in the case of this training, Microsoft Azure.

During the training, you'll learn to work with the code syntax of Terraform, understand how the tool manages resources, and design reusable modules. Through a lot of practical exercises (about 50% of the training!), you'll learn to work with all the aspects that this tool has to offer step by step. Since this training follows the study guide from Hashicorp, you'll be perfectly prepared to obtain the Terraform Associate 003 certificate after this training!


In this course, we start with the basics of Infrastructure as Code on cloud. Prior knowledge in the field of cloud, scripting, and some basics in Linux are recommended.


The training consists of 2 days in which you alternately receive training and then apply this knowledge to a series of assignments. These assignments are divided over the following three modules:

  • Module 1 - Terraform basics, and deploying your first infrastructure on Azure
    • Describe what Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Terraform are, and how they fit into the DevOps philosophy
    • Get acquainted with Terraform's syntax
    • Work with variables, outputs, locals, expressions, data source, providers, and Terraform's Core Workflow
  • Module 2 - Advanced features for writing your infrastructure in code
    • Work with Terraform state, provisioners, and implicit and explicit dependencies
    • Continue working on the work from the previous module. We will add extra Azure resources to our example and for the first time see how we can use Terraform to build a template for infrastructure
  • Module 3 - Learn to work with Terraform modules
    • Work with backends, public and homemade modules
    • Learn how to use functions, complex variables, and dynamic expressions for advanced scenarios

Study Material

In this, we use self-developed material. We will ensure you receive all the necessary material on time.

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